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I work with musicians of all levels, from how to hold the guitar, all the way up to advanced techniques like the Tremolo. 


I believe in a principle-based approach: Technique, Rhythm and Musicality.


I teach step-by-step, in small blocks, isolating technique(left hand/right hand), rhythm and theory and then helping my students bring it all together for an integrated understanding of the art form.

There are no tricks, or shortcuts, in art! I concentrate on perfecting my students’ basic foundation, setting them up for a lifelong journey of growth; even after they’ve completed my programme. Almost all my students stay in touch with me, and we have a flourishing community of hobbyists as well as artists who help each other grow their skill.

I believe a wholesome experience goes a long way in rendering true appreciation of Flamenco’s culture, as well as technique!


  • BOLLYWOOD INDUSTRY  (As a session musician/recording artist) : w/ Kailash Kher, Arijit Singh, Raghav Sachar.

  • FLAMENCO JAZZ PROJEXTS  : w/ Karim Ellaboudi(UK), Emmanuel Simon(France), Juan Antonio ( Spain).

  • FLAMENCO KATHAA ( FLAMENCO & KATHAK FUSION)  w/ Kunal Om(Flamenco Dancer) Aditi Bhagwat (Kathak), Shruti Bhave (Violin, Vocals).


  • STUDIED JAZZ GUITAR  under Sanjay Divecha.

  • STUDIED FLAMENCO GUITAR in Spain under: Amir John Haddad ( Flamenco master, Concert guitarist, guitarist for Hans Zimmer), Alfredo Lagos (Flamenco Master, Enrique y Estrella Morente, Winner XXI Bienal de Flamenco)Eduardo Rebollar (Artes Escenicas Rebollar, Guitar Maestro)Juan del Gastor ( Guitar Legend from Gastor family). 

  • Invited to Performed for the Spanish Consulate for the National day (Dia Nacional Celebrations in the company of the Consulate General and Ambassador of Spain.


Udit Gupta is a student of Deepak Verma. This picture is about Udit Gupta participating in a Classical Guitar playing competition.

Udit Gupta

Classical Guitarist : Young musician of the year 2020 by OJCF

Deepak is an amazing teacher, a pioneer of Flamenco music in India. Learning from me helped me develop good technique and build my own style. His teachings have not only helped me with flamenco playing but also in other styles like classical and bossa nova.

This Image is of Karan Kulkarni who is Deepak Verma's student.

Karan Kulkarni

Bollywood music director / composer

"Studying Flamenco guitar from Deepak was a transformational experience". His varied experience in music from different parts of the world, Spanish, Western and Indian helped me easily understand Flamenco concepts.

The techniques and terminology that Deepak generously shared, have allowed me to posses a wider skill-set in my own work as a composer. 
Deepak has taken the time, made the effort and learnt all the authentic ways of Flamenco expression, in Spain. It is truly noble of him to share his experiences with his students, in India and overseas. 


I highly recommended him as a teacher. 😊

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